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Completed projects

Personal references

In service of YIT Rakennus Oy 

Project: Europcar logistics center
Tasks: Foreman

Project: Avia Logistics Center
Tasks: Foreman

Project: Niittytie 25 Vantaa logistics center
Tasks: Foreman / Deputy foreman in charge

Project: Aaro Forsman Oy / Tea factory
Tasks: Foreman / Deputy foreman in charge

Project: Ring road, Aviapolis
Tasks: cost accounting

Project: Pasila customs office renovation (classified)
Tasks: Construction engineer

Project: Maunula library
Tasks: Site engineer / Deputy foreman in charge

Project: Oodi library / Helsinki central library
Tasks: Quality / Cost Engineer


In service of Skanska Oy
Project: Helsinki's urban environment industry house
Tasks: Scheduling Engineer


Projects in London / in service of Mid Group 

Project: Stonebridge Primary School
Tasks: Section Manager

Project: Herschel Street
Tasks: Project Engineer

Project: Charles Simmons House
Tasks: Section Manager

Sihrak Oy - referenssi -Europcar

Europcar Logistics Center

Sihrak O - referenssit avia bisnes-paja

Avia Logistics Center

Siharak Oy - Referenssit - Maunulan-kirjasto

Maunula library

Siharak Oy - Referenssit -S tonebridge Primary School

Stonebridge Primary School - London

Siharak O - referenssit - Oodi kirjasto - Helsinki

Oodi library / central library - Helsinki

Siharak Oy  - Referenssit - Oodi-kirjasto-sisäkuva

Oodi library / central library

Siharak Oy - Referenssit - Oodi kirjasto-ulkokuva

Oodi library / central library

Siharak O - Referenssit - Helsingin kaupunkiympäristön toimialan talo

Helsinki urban environment sector house

Siharak Oy

Completed projects

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Siharak Oy

Future projects

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