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Building contracting

When it comes to new construction, we operate by turnkey basis.

SihaRak has experts with years of experiences accumulated in the process of turnkey basis policy. No corners are cut in the process. With this, we ensure quality service cost-effectively.

All the pertinent information for the construction project will be delivered once the plot is secured. With one contract you will have at your disposal all the professional work force you need for your project. With our vast network we make sure that we provide the best professionals for each task. This approach saves your valuable time and resources.


New construction services:

  • Groundwork and foundation
  • Framework
  • Roof
  • Sheeting and interior work
  • Masonry
  • Wet room waterproofing (washroom sauna, kitchen etc.)
  • Tiling
  • Paneling Indoors and outdoors
  • Terrace and patio
  • Yard work and yard tiling

Construction with quality and state of the art methods

  • Detached House
  • Semidetached House/ Duplex
  • Terraced House/ Row House
  • Summer cottage
  • Warehouse
  • Yard construction
  • Wharf
  • Terrace
  • Terrace and patio
  • Yard work and yard tiling

Services on all sectors of reconstruction:

Our services include

  • Room renovations
  • Kitchens construction and kitchen unit delivery with installation
  • Facility reconstruction
  • Damage renovation

Please contact us and send us your offer for the challenge that you want us to solve!

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